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Maximize Your Mobile Ad ROI

Easily reach specific mobile audience segments and perform deep optimization on signals that lead to superior campaign performance and ROI.

Self-Serve Mobile Ads

Go2mobi is the #1 platform for performance marketers. Access over 750M apps, games & leading mobile websites with our performance driven mobile DSP.

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Total Control API™

Go2mobi’s Total Control API™ allows savvy digital marketers to build anything: from time-saving workflows to full-blown custom DSP platforms. Access all of Go2mobi’s industry leading features and functionality to create custom advertising products.

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Mobile Content Advertisers are Doubling Down on Go2mobi With Our Recent NetAcuity Edge™ Data Partnership!

In August, we made the announcement that our self-serve mobile DSP took Geo-IP and Carrier Targeting to a new level by partnering with Digital Element’s NetAcuity Edge™ technology and data. Two and a half months later, Go2mobi is thrilled to announce that nearly 1,000 campaigns are now leveraging this data to target their specific audience segments on specific carriers more accurately than ever! As the industry standard for Carrier/Geo mapping, NetAcuity is leading the pack with city-level accuracy at more than 95 percent worldwide (PDF).