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Total Control™ API

Automate | Auto-Optimize | Find Profit

Need a Customized Programmatic Buying System?

Rapidly deploy your game-changing features by building on Go2mobi’s robust programmatic advertising API infrastructure. Go2mobi’s Total Control™ API allows savvy digital marketers to build anything: from time-saving workflows to full-blown custom DSP platforms. Access all of Go2mobi’s industry leading features and functionality to create custom advertising products.

  • Targeting & Optimization
  • Deep Dive Reporting
  • Accelerated Development
  • Efficient Workflow

Unrivaled Targeting & Optimization

Go beyond publisher optimization. Micro-bid on any combination of targeting methods to identify your most profitable traffic pockets on over 750M mobile apps and web pages globally. No other platform provides more flexibility to drive performance.


Adjust bids, whitelist and blacklist, on deep traffic pockets


Access predefined automatic optimization algorithms

Target Anything

More targeting than any other programmatic API

GPS Geo-Targeting

Easily target precise locations down to the GPS coordinate

Upload DeviceID

Target specific phone and tablet models, and operating systems


Re-engage mobile users to draw them down the funnel

Domain & BundleID Targeting

Whitelist or blacklist to reach specific targets

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Deep Dive Reporting

Pull the industry’s deepest reports in real time and get the insights you need to fully optimize your campaigns with transparent, multi-dimensional reporting.

Real-time reporting

Take action with 24/7 DSP updates

Single and multi-dimensional reporting

Access deep auction and campaign data insights

Data visualizations and unified reporting

Analyze top performing devices, publishers, geos, etc.

Platform integration

Integrate our features directly into your tracking platform

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Profit from Accelerated Development

Why invest in developing and maintaining RTB technology that costs millions? Get a head start by building your dream platform on Go2mobi’s solid RTB foundation and go-to-market in no time. Easily enhance the quality of your techstack and launch campaigns in a single day.

Quick campaign setup

Sign up, build a platform and launch a campaign today

Premium documentation

Access simple documentation including code snippets

Connect your own software to the DSP

All the power of the DSP, available within your system

No spend commitments or extra costs

Test your idea with little investment

Whitelabel our DSP

Profit from our industry-leading programmatic platform

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Maximize Your Workflow

Streamline your digital media buying by automating every aspect of setting up, reporting on and optimizing mobile ad campaigns.

High API rate limit

Avoid being blocked with volume limitations

Program repetitive tasks

Focus on optimization and ROI instead

Connect multiple APIs

Link two or more APIs together to create unique functionality

Build if-this-then-that functionality

Develop conditional statements for bidding and optimization

Spreadsheet Software Integrates With Our API

Easily map and transfer data

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Features GO2MOBI Most DSP's
Same Day Integration
Daily Budget/Placement Spending Cap
High API Rate Limit
Real-Time Reporting
Standard Reporting
API - Campaign Setup
Single Dimension Reporting
Multi-Dimensional Reporting
Multi-Dimensional Optimization
Micro-Bidding on Deep Pockets
DeviceID Upload/Retargeting (Large Lists)
Premium Documentation with Code Snippets
Inventory Management Tool
1st & 3rd Party Data Source Integration
Day Parting
Auto Bidder
Frequency Cap
Custom Frequency Cap Settings
Audience Targeting
Domain and BundleID Targeting
Conversion/Postback Tracking
Carrier/IP Targeting

What Our Advertisers

Are Saying About Go2mobi:

By using Go2Mobi's API, I developed practical automation tools in under three hours. It's logical, extremely well-documented and very powerful.



The applications we’ve built to leverage Go2mobi’s API have saved us countless hours in reporting and campaign creation. We built a quick interface that allowed us to upload dates and locations via spreadsheet in order to create geo-targeted, day-parted campaigns for every campaign stop on the trail.

Jeff Shannon, Co-founder

Helmkin |

Go2mobi has a very high API call limit. We are nowhere near hitting our API limit cap and this has been a recurring issue across other platforms with API Access.