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Total Control API

Go2mobi’s new programmatic mobile API helps advertisers master the complex and ever-changing RTB landscape by giving them transparency, flexibility and total control over every aspect of their mobile advertising experience.

Access Go2mobi’s complete mobile toolkit, including:

  • Automated Micro-Campaign Creation
  • Multi-level Reporting and Optimization
  • Data Visualizations and Unified Reporting
  • Algorithmic Whitelisting, Blacklisting and Bid Adjustments
  • Dynamic Creative and Sequential Retargeting

Create bespoke mobile advertising products with plug and play access to the industry’s most robust mobile programmatic API.

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Automate Campaign Creation

Create highly-targeted campaigns complete with extensive mobile-specific targeting options and audience data (provide your own DeviceIDs, use Go2mobi’s Proprietary Audience Segments, or 3rd Party Data).

Automatic Campaign Optimization

Create your own programmatic algorithms that use all the parameters and combination of parameters that Go2mobi’s industry-leading reporting provides. No other platform provides more flexibility of campaign performance reporting. Make whitelist, blacklist and bid adjustment rules on deep data combinations, not just on single parameters.

Integrate Reporting

Pull any level of reporting into your own centralized interface. Create data visualizations of top performing devices, publishers, geo-locations, and more. Go2mobi offers more flexible and deep reporting than any other platform.

Bring Your Own Data

Use your own DeviceID or IP data to run high performance re-targeting campaigns. Set up automatic campaigns to educate users and kick-start app usage quickly after install, set up automated campaigns that re-activate dormant app users, and much more. Did you know DeviceID targeted 320x480 interstitial ads only cost $0.003 per impression, video ads are only $0.012 per view!


Hugh from STM

Using Go2Mobi's API I developed practical automation tools in under three hours. It's logical, extremely well-documented and very powerful.

Jeff from Helmkin Digital

Go2mobi’s Total Control API is a huge time saver. Our business requires that we set up 100s of small geo-fenced and day-parted campaigns a week.

We built a simple ad uploader that lets us upload our campaigns from a spreadsheet as well as algorithms that help us manage them programmatically.

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Go2mobi Turns 6: Memorable Moments from our 5th Year

Happy Birthday to us! As we leap into our 6th year on April 1st, we couldn’t help thinking back to all the memorable moments from our 5th year, so we thought we’d put together a little collection of some of our favorites… VIATeC put on yet another great Technology Awards show in 2016 and we were lucky enough to be able to take most of our team with us to the awards.