Regain control. Add new demand. Optimize ad revenue.

The Publisher Direct Platform™ by Go2mobi is the easiest way for publishers to create a branded self-serve advertising interface to sell their ad inventory and user data directly to advertisers. Earn incremental and recurring revenue by monetizing untapped demand from advertisers using a custom, self-serve model. Integrate seamlessly with your existing stack and safely monetize your first-party data.

Publisher-First Technology for Increased Control, Transparency and Profit

Launch in as little as 1 month

Compatible with your current ad stack

Wide range of targeting options

(geo, device, OS, carrier)

Branded online signup flow

Turnkey billing solutions

360° API driven reporting

Custom dashboards for your advertisers

Optional account management, customer service, and compliance

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  • Better Margins
  • Enhance Revenue
  • Monetize Data
  • Increase Demand

Get Better Margins on Your Inventory

  • Reduce the number of intermediaries in your ad tech value chain and retain higher margins selling directly to your advertisers.
  • Automate insertion orders with innovative subscription billing for smaller ad buys, and keep more in your pocket.

Increase Demand from Small and Medium Advertisers

  • Don’t turn away smaller deals due to a lack of resources or high cost of management.
  • Designed for publishers and their advertisers: capture more demand without the need for technical expertise or expensive investment in infrastructure.
  • Lower your ad operations costs and free up your team to close more deals, or further, choose our zero-touch option and leave the account management to us.

Monetize Your User Data

  • App owners and mobile web publishers have high quality audiences that are in-demand. Don’t miss out on monetizing your valuable 1st party data in a secure way.
  • Get paid for the use of your data by using it to build targeted campaigns, while also keeping the data safely vaulted from advertisers.
  • Set floor prices, and earn incremental as well as recurring revenue, while avoiding the opportunity cost.

Enhance Revenue with Audience Extension

  • Expand your digital boundaries and generate increased revenue with the Publisher Direct Platform™ audience extension feature.
  • Maintain an ad-free site or extend your advertising space by allowing advertisers to target your audiences as they continue browsing across other apps and sites.
  • Go beyond your sites' capacity, and magnify the number of impressions you can monetize.

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