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Master Your Mobile Campaigns

Go2mobi is a full-service mobile advertising platform, designed to target your precise audience and achieve campaign KPIs, such as viewability, high completion, site visits, foot traffic and brand lift.

Install+Engage™ CPI

Reach New Customers with Install+Engage™ CPI

Go2mobi’s Install+Engage™ CPI platform combines predictive audience targeting, post-install event optimization, and built-in re-engagement moments to drive high volume, high value mobile app installs.

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  • We start by targeting the audience most likely to enjoy your app, using our install intelligence database, Appdentify™. With billions of app profiles, we’ll find the users who stay and pay.

  • Simply send us an automated postback when one or more of these actions occur and we’ll optimize your campaigns towards these engagements to find more valuable users.

  • Go2mobi Install+Engage™ CPI campaigns include a cross‑channel retargeting program at no extra cost. Using our proprietary optimization engine, we re‑engage installed users with custom creative to kick-start the habit of using your app.

Campaign Reporting

Go2mobi’s flexible reporting system provides meaningful campaign data at deep resolution. Our post campaign attribution reports can be used to tie ROI to your mobile marketing spend.

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Ad Formats and Creative Strategy

Whether you provide the creative or work with our team of dynamo designers to craft your message, Go2mobi can deliver an omni-channel media plan that maximizes efficiency, engagement, and impact.

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Premium Audience Network

Go2mobi’s Premium Audience Network encompasses hundreds of thousands of mobile sites and apps through which we are able to address over 750M unique global consumers, every day. This scale allows us to successfully find, target, and deliver your ideal audience, every time.

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  • In conjunction with our own pre-bid traffic analysis, which filters for fraud and non-human impressions, the Go2mobi publisher network is curated by our dedicated review team for content, viewability and performance to ensure high consumer engagement rates. This two-step human/machine review helps our advertisers be confident that in addition to industry leading results, they consistently receive high quality brand exposure.

  • Leverage Go2mobi’s robust and well-established network of Private Marketplace (PMP) deals to receive guaranteed premium inventory at affordable prices. Private Marketplaces offer access to unique content sections, complete transparency and 100% guaranteed viewability to brands seeking exclusive premium traffic.

  • Go2mobi helps you understand your full purchase funnel, by tracking and optimizing for multiple events. We can tailor our optimization algorithms toward any metric you’d like to provide us, whether that be clicks, post-click engagement, conversions, sales, video view, installs or post-install events. The more events you’re able to send us, the greater our ability to optimize becomes.

Top Bid Testing Strategies #2

A few weeks ago, Go2mobi posted the first of three top campaign management and optimization strategies shared by our team. In this second post, you will learn how you can use your bid to find the best traffic for your campaigns.