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Self-Serve DSP

The Ultimate Platform for Programmatic Performance

Drive Performance on Mobile RTB Traffic

Go2mobi is the #1 platform for performance marketers. Access over 750M apps, games & leading mobile websites with our performance driven mobile DSP.

Micro bid on deep traffic pockets and optimize on signals that lead to superior campaign performance and ROI.

  • Performance Advertising
  • Video Advertising

Performance Advertising

Go2mobi delivers highly targeted mobile traffic and high volumes of inventory that you need to achieve increased ROI. Control your KPIs with our performance targeting features and access top-tier customer service, with fast approvals.


Curated performance traffic

  • Access the most profitable mobile RTB traffic
  • Review 100% transparent traffic sources
  • Choose from a variety of ad types: native, banner, video, etc.
  • Target and test any combination of data parameters

Ultra granular real time reporting

  • Create multidimensional reports
  • Analyze specific results with any combination of filters
  • Determine what drove success

Micro bid on deep traffic pockets

  • Adjust bids, whitelist, and blacklist to scale your best traffic segments
  • Optimize bids on exchanges, ad types, audiences, daily budget per placement, and ad tags
  • Re-engage users with cross-channel retargeting

Video Advertising

Maximize your fill rate with quality app and mobile web placements, real-time reporting and a full-featured API to adjust your bids minute-to-minute.


High fill rate curated inventory

  • Achieve nearly 100% fill rates and high VTR globally
  • Use our advanced video player
  • Use your own ad server (fully ad tag compatible)
  • Know where your ads were placed with full domain transparency
  • Multi-select placements for superior testing

Tools designed for video advertisers

  • Target and test multiple domains & bundleID’s
  • Manage your budget with daily per placement cap
  • Create auto rules for campaign set up, reporting and optimization
  • Open the floodgates on high performing placements

Real-time reporting tools

  • Report on multiple domains and bundleID’s
  • Take action with real time DSP updates 24/7
  • Access our team for informative and actionable insights

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Features GO2MOBI Most DSP's
Same Day Integration
Daily Budget/Placement Spending Cap
High API Rate Limit
Real-Time Reporting
Standard Reporting
API - Campaign Setup
Single Dimension Reporting
Multi-Dimensional Reporting
Multi-Dimensional Optimization
Micro-Bidding on Deep Pockets
DeviceID Upload/Retargeting (Large Lists)
Premium Documentation with Code Snippets
Inventory Management Tool
1st & 3rd Party Data Source Integration
Day Parting
Auto Bidder
Frequency Cap
Custom Frequency Cap Settings
Audience Targeting
Domain and BundleID Targeting
Conversion/Postback Tracking
Carrier/IP Targeting