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Self-Serve Mobile Advertising

Go2mobi helps performance marketers, trading desks and app developers reach the specific mobile audience segments that drive performance and ROI.

Go2mobi’s Self-Serve mobile DSP turns the levers of control over to mobile advertisers, providing them the tools and the technology to target, report on, and optimize every aspect of their mobile advertising campaigns.

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Our Key Differentiator

Complete Optimization Freedom

Chief among Go2mobi’s differentiators is our reporting/optimization suite that gives advertisers 100% transparency and ultra-granularity into not only every data parameter, but every combination of data parameters within their campaign.

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    Target any combination of data parameters or run a broad campaign to compile test data.

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    Run a report to determine the combination of data parameters that drove success for your campaigns.

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    Create rules via whitelists, blacklist and bid changes directly within reports to reach and scale your best performing audience segments.

Platform Features

Go2mobi’s Personalized Programmatic Self Serve Advertising Platform was built with hard core performance in mind. These are a few of the proprietary tools we’ve built out to help your campaigns scale and profit.

  • Use our fully transparent Inventory Campaign Planner to see exactly how much ad inventory is available in every audience segment no matter how granular.

  • Ever had a poor performing ad placement burn your test budget? Go2mobi’s Per-Placement Caps help you get an even test of every placement you choose.

  • Differently priced inventory performs in different ways and a low-bid strategy does not guarantee success. Use our auto-bidder to test all echelons of traffic to find the pockets that drive the most success for your campaigns.

Core Targeting Features

  • Go2mobi’s integration with Neustar’s IDMP allows you to target hundreds of audience lists. Segmented by demographic, interest, behaviour, and more, these lists allow you to target your top-performing audiences at any point in time within the complex mobile ecosystem. Sign up to target high-performance audiences. Read the full blog post.

  • Retarget and re-engage mobile users. Also, use our integrated 3rd party data providers to target gender, income, and what products users are in-market for.

  • Target specific GPS coordinates. Upload your lat/longs and draw a radius to target. Great for targeting certain neighborhoods.

  • Make sure your ad is the first ad a user sees when they launch a new browsing session. Or, target later session depths for less expensive traffic.

  • Go2mobi offers the most granular Carrier and WiFi targeting. Choose to target by Carrier, WiFi or exact IPs. No other mobile ad network gets more specific.

  • Choose the number of times your ad is shown to each user per 24-hour period. Great for testing, before scaling.

  • Get ultra-specific with what phones and tablets you target. Target all devices or only specific models and operating systems.

  • Choose the category of app/site you want your ads to display on. For instance, only display your ads on Game or Travel apps.

  • Choose the days and hours your ads are displayed. Turn off poor performing times of day, pump up the good times.

  • Gain greater accuracy and breadth of data for geo-IP filtering. Optimize traffic sources based on geographic performance.

Performance Controls

  • We don’t hide anything. See the exact names of the apps/sites your ad will display on.

  • Use easy postbacks to track exactly what traffic is driving ROI. Use our built-in reporting to dive deep into reports.

  • Our reporting and optimization platform is the most advanced of any mobile ad network. Dig deep and find your profit.

Full Spectrum Creative Ads

Whether you provide the creative or work with our team of dynamo designers to craft your message, Go2mobi can deliver an omni-channel media plan that maximizes efficiency, engagement, and impact.

Mobile Content Advertisers are Doubling Down on Go2mobi With Our Recent NetAcuity Edge™ Data Partnership!

In August, we made the announcement that our self-serve mobile DSP took Geo-IP and Carrier Targeting to a new level by partnering with Digital Element’s NetAcuity Edge™ technology and data. Two and a half months later, Go2mobi is thrilled to announce that nearly 1,000 campaigns are now leveraging this data to target their specific audience segments on specific carriers more accurately than ever! As the industry standard for Carrier/Geo mapping, NetAcuity is leading the pack with city-level accuracy at more than 95 percent worldwide (PDF).