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Go2mobi was founded in 2011 on the idea that the best advertising performance could be attained through the strategic use and continual optimization of data. Go2mobi founders, Tom Desaulniers and Gavin Aitken were tired of using advertising platforms that didn’t provide the ability to both report on and optimize all combinations of data parameters within their campaigns. They decided to build the concepts of total data transparency and complete optimization freedom directly into an RTB platform that would allow marketers to gain total control over their advertising spends, optimizing towards only the ad impressions that provide ROI.

Our commitment to powering the world’s best mobile ad technology is made possible by our team of talented, client-focused, and innovative staff, who are here to make your media buying experience better.

Our Team

Gavin Aitken—CEO and Co-Founder
Gavin Aitken CEO and Co-Founder
Tom Desaulniers—President and Co-Founder
Tom Desaulniers President and Co-Founder
Aaron Baird—Software Developer
Aaron Baird Software Developer
Becka Williams—Office Manager
Becka Williams Office Manager
Ben Cann—Digital Advertising Specialist
Ben Cann Digital Advertising Specialist
Ben Turner—Software Developer
Ben Turner Software Developer
Braeden Lunge—Sales Director, Performance
Braeden Lunge Sales Director, Performance
Breanne Cozzolino—Sales Director, Performance
Breanne Cozzolino Sales Director, Performance
Brianne Zinkiew—Digital Advertising Assistant
Brianne Zinkiew Digital Advertising Assistant
Carl Nienaber—Lead Software Developer
Carl Nienaber Lead Software Developer
Darcy Westfall—Director, Dev Ops
Darcy Westfall Director, Dev Ops
David Clark—Software Developer
David Clark Software Developer
Grant Storry—Chief Operating Officer
Grant Storry Chief Operating Officer
Greg Bate—Lead Software Developer
Greg Bate Lead Software Developer
Jacky Li—Software Developer
Jacky Li Software Developer
Ken Stephen—Product Manager
Ken Stephen Product Manager
Lana Winnichyn—Graphic Designer
Lana Winnichyn Graphic Designer
Liz Fosdick—DSP Account Operations Manager
Liz Fosdick DSP Account Operations Manager
Manpreet Basra—Financial Controller, Acting
Manpreet Basra Financial Controller, Acting
Marlies Elke—Accountant
Marlies Elke Accountant
Marlise Nussbaumer—Ad Quality Manager
Marlise Nussbaumer Ad Quality Manager
Max Chamsoutdinov—Account Executive
Max Chamsoutdinov Account Executive
Meghan Casault—Marketing Director
Meghan Casault Marketing Director
Nathan Calvank—Junior Software Developer
Nathan Calvank Junior Software Developer
Reed Pridy—Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Reed Pridy Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Taylor Cain—Digital Advertising Assistant
Taylor Cain Digital Advertising Assistant
Tony Nielsen—Product Owner, DSP
Tony Nielsen Product Owner, DSP

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