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Go2mobi Release Notes: Access More of the Supply You Want with BidSwitch

Written by Meghan Casault - 1 min read

Go2mobi has just released its one-to-many integration with BidSwitch, a powerful routing technology that enables access to 150+ supply partners. Advertisers can now access more users, through more channels, apps, and sites!

BidSwitch provides Go2mobi with the infrastructure to instantly access top global SSPs, without the need for custom integration with each individual partner. Traffic shaping further enables supply to grow and shift automatically as demand profiles change.

Bidswitch offers:

  • More Supply of mobile and desktop display, video and native. Plus, potential for new traffic types, such as Connected TV and Audio Ads in future.
  • Built-In Fraud Filtering & Traffic Shaping ensuring that the inventory that is made available to advertisers is the highest possible quality.
  • Smarter Programmatic Buying with the BidSwitch SmartSwitch bidstream optimization, Go2mobi advertisers can access the precise inventory that best aligns with their bidding activity, resulting in more efficient bidding

Contact us today to add exchanges to your campaigns and expand your supply access.

Available Now: InnerActive
Available next month: Sovrn, AppColony, PubMatic

Have an exchange you would like to see? Contact support@go2mobi.com with “Exchange Request” in the subject. Enjoy the new supply inventory!