App Developers Love Passive Income

Go2mobi uses app usage data to make mobile campaigns more effective.

If you're an app developer with at least 15,000 installs of your iOS or Android app, we'd love to hear from you! We have flexible models for data partnerships, from the simplest send-data-in-a-CSV to adding our SDK to your app, we'll have a model that will work for you.

What sort of data do you want to sell? Nothing Personally-Identifiable of course, so no names, addresses, phone numbers, emails... Let's keep your users' privacy the top priority. So how do we keep users' data private? By using Advertising IDs! iOS has the IDFA, Android has the GAID, so AdvertisingID + ANYTHING = $$$$$

Here's some examples:

  • AdvertisingID + BundleID = Tell us what app(s) a device has installed!
  • AdvertisingID + Purchase = Tell us what a device has bought!
  • AdvertisingID + locations = Tell us where a device has been!
  • AdvertisingID + Engagement = Tell us if a user beats level 3 of your game!