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Why In-App Advertising is a Must for Marketers

Written by Tom Desaulniers - 2 min read

In-application advertising is currently the fastest growing form of mobile advertising on the market. According to BI Intelligence, United States app-install ad revenue is estimated to grow to more than $7 billion by year-end 2020.

And while this may be breaking news for the ad industry, mobile experts have been following the rising trend of in-app advertising for some time, creating a wealth of information highlighting the enormous benefits of in-app advertising.

Users are spending more time in their apps

A few years back, Facebook and Twitter dominated mobile, but today the marketplace looks a lot different. It is not just social media taking up mobile users’ time, but a wide range of apps across various verticals.

Due to this, mobile users have gradually moved away from using their mobile browsers to focus on the vast array of available mobile apps.

According to Mary Meeker’s recent State of the Internet Report, smartphone users are now spending 89 percent of their total time spent on any media in mobile apps and only 11 percent on the mobile Web.

This affinity towards in-app immediately changed the industry’s ad spend model.

For example, Facebook went from virtually no mobile advertising revenue to earning 41 percent of their overall revenue through mobile app in approximately 12 months. This huge shift is largely due to the increase in new mobile ad formats, including the highly effective mobile video.

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