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Programmatic for the People! Go2mobi First to Deliver Programmatic Mobile API for Performance-Focused Advertisers

Written by Joseph Seo - 3 min read

Programmatic for the People! Go2mobi First to Deliver Programmatic Mobile API for Performance-Focused Advertisers

Programmatic for the People! Go2mobi First to Deliver Programmatic Mobile API for Performance-Focused Advertisers

New Open API converts traditional performance marketing to ‘platform play’ with multi-level optimization of ad campaigns helping agencies, trading desks and app developers

VICTORIA, BC – Sept 12, 2016- Setting a new standard in performance-based mobile advertising, Go2mobi today announced innovations and a new open API that fuse performance marketing with mobile programmatic tools, bringing two worlds together for the benefit of agencies and trading desks in pursuit of improved convergence and greater value.

Go2mobi Total Control is a mobile programmatic open API offering linkage to powerful multi-level optimization capabilities and the market’s lowest minimum price entry. With Total Control, Go2mobi opens up a complete toolkit for agencies and brands, allowing them to build out the exact programmatic functionality they need for enhanced mobile moment discovery.

For agencies downloading the API, Go2mobi’s experienced staff provides expert technical support by offering key insights into programmability, compatibility, and technical issues. This plugs agencies and brands into better mobile results.

Go2mobi API Benefits:

  • Lowest cost to entry – Go2mobi offers full platform and rich functionality via API, delivering a total package with no spend commitments or extra cost.
  • Granularity with each impression: Optimize with multiple sets of data structures to enable agencies and app developers to outfit themselves with a richer set of tools.
  • Market’s most robust ad targeting, reporting, and optimization.
  • Enables more flexible exploratory campaign developments.
  • Technical support at every step of the way

“With Total Control, Go2mobi brings an API toolset for mobile that is significantly more flexible and powerful to meet the growing needs of agencies, trading desks and app developers,” said Tom Desaulniers, president and co-founder of Go2mobi. “Go2mobi is already a proven success in the marketing performance world, and now our Total Control API extends key capabilities addressing what agencies have been waiting for: a highly effective mobile programmatic tool. Total Control outperforms App Nexus, which offers far less features and campaign granularity while having a prohibitively higher price.

From PC desktops to mobile devices, agencies seek the best in performance marketing, real time bidding (RTB) and mobile moment discovery. They need to leverage mobile programmatic tools for more effective ad campaigns, expanded convergence points, and the most precise buying.

“Our deep data approach allows advertisers to optimize each important factor, such as geo-location, places, local time, publisher, device and carrier attributes, is then is combined in reference to other environmental factors in order to drill more deeply into campaigns to find and reach only the highest value consumers in the highest converting moments,” said Nick Holland, CTO for Go2mobi. “We’re extremely excited to see how ad ops teams, developers and entrepreneurs use the tools we’ve made available to create innovative, bespoke advertising products. As we evolve the service, we will keep the API and its documentation up to date, giving all their advertisers access to the complete and always improving Go2mobi toolkit.”

Key Example: Driving a Political Campaign

Go2mobi’s technology has already proven successful with Helmkin Digital, a leading political agency, Helmkin leveraged Go2mobi’s API to pull in mobile campaign data into their own reporting interface, and to create geo-targeted, day-parted micro-campaigns that followed their candidate’s campaign trail in order to create buzz, drive donations and support.

“During the US Primaries, the applications we built to leverage Go2mobi’s API saved us countless hours in reporting and campaign creation,” said Jeff Shannon, Helmkin co-founder. “We built a quick interface that allowed us to upload dates and locations via spreadsheet in order to create geo-targeted, day-parted campaigns for every campaign stop on the trail.”

The Total Control API is well documented and developer keys are publically available on Go2mobi’s developer site.

Read the documentation here