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A Marketer's Guide to Secondary Conversions

Written by Tom Desaulniers - 2 min read

In today’s complex marketplace, attracting consumers is getting harder across the various types of available media—including mobile. Many mobile marketers have started the search for new methods to meaningfully engage with their consumers.

One overlooked method is the role of secondary conversions in mobile marketing. Secondary conversion actions are customer actions a brand has defined as valuable to their business after initial engagement from the consumer, such as a “book now” submission, click to call, in-app purchase, or post install event.

These actions are considered important because they are often associated with high conversion rates and high purchase intent. However, these actions are not often taken into account, due to the fact that primary conversions garner most of the focus and attention for most marketing teams.

To put this into perspective, think about the movie “Moneyball” with Brad Pitt. He stars as a beleaguered baseball GM trying to use advanced statistics to even the playing field with big-market teams. In one scene, a character explains sabermetrics and how using data to generate one or two numbers gives better insight into how a player will perform.

Primary conversions represent those one or two numbers—but what about all the other numbers that make up those primary metrics?

Secondary conversions are akin to sabermetrics and represent variables that when combined with other data points makes up the bigger story behind revenue, demand, e-comm checkouts, and mobile app installs.

What are some of the benefits of determining and analyzing secondary conversions?

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