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Stronger Fraud Detection and Split Testing with Go2mobi’s Recent Targeting Updates!

Written by Brina Martens - 3 min read

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When it comes to programmatic media buying, fraud, viewability, and efficiency are at the forefront of our advertiser’s minds- as they should be! You put a considerable amount of time and effort into determining who your target segments are, and where and how you will reach them.

Ad tech companies, like Go2mobi, help increase the viewability of ads for our advertisers by curating premium content and rich audiences from trusted publishers. Couple that with enhanced targeting features that enable you to purchase quality traffic, and you have a winning combination! At Go2mobi, our mission is to do both. We are always looking for ways to filter incidents of fraud off our platform and increase transparency. We also understand that time is money, which is why we want to ensure that you have all the tools you need to help expedite your campaign setup process.

Our latest feature updates reflect this mission and have been requested by our advertisers. We are always eager to hear what additions our platform should have to better improve your media buying process.

Today Go2mobi is happy to announce three new features, that combined, give our advertisers tools that can be used both to target and filter undesirable traffic from their campaigns, as well as a testing suite to more accurately split test campaign performance among traffic sources.

  1. DeviceID Targeting: Selecting this feature enables you to only target impressions where a DeviceID is present in the bid request. A particularly powerful use case for this feature is for those of you planning to run user acquisition (UA) campaigns for a mobile app and will need DeviceID attribution. You can achieve this while collecting DeviceID information by simply using an impression or click macro where applicable.

  2. Domain Targeting: Do you already know which domains have been successful placements from prior campaigns? This new feature allows you to target specific domains when you are not concerned about targeting down to the exact page and impression level. Simply whitelist domains and Go2mobi’s platform will bid on impressions from any page/placement within the domain. This ultimately saves you time by forgoing our inventory planner.

  3. BundleID (App Bundle) Targeting: Like Domain targeting, BundleID targeting allows you to export bundles from other DSP’s that you’ve had success with and target them on our platform. By targeting a specific set of apps identified by the bundle/app ID, you can reach users in desired apps that are on brand, thereby representing a similar interior demographic profile to users you would like to reach. This granularity provides the control you expect for your in-app campaigns.

Sounds pretty good, hey? But don’t take our word for it, let our DSP’s refined performance speak for itself. Leverage these new features today to generate more off your media spend! Target actual people with actual phones and advertise with greater confidence and control than ever.