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Go2mobi Takes Geo-IP and Carrier Targeting to a New Level with NetAcuity Edge™

Written by Brina Martens - 2 min read


Go2mobi is excited to announce that we have deployed enhanced geo-IP and mobile carrier targeting powered by our new partnership with Digital Element’s NetAcuity Edge™ technology and data.

While geo-IP and carrier targeting have been long standing targeting features on Go2mobi’s DSP, we continually evaluate our platform’s performance for our advertisers. After completing extensive tests and gathering feedback from our customers, we identified NetAcuity data as delivering superior reliability for campaign targeting performance. This continual evaluation of our platform and data partners is just another benefit our customers can trust when they choose to run their campaigns on the Go2mobi DSP.

Deploying this new integration allows our advertisers to reconcile campaigns that utilize NetAcuity Edge’s technology within the broader programmatic ecosystem. Go2mobi advertisers gain greater confidence in campaign audience targeting and can expect even more precision and greater returns from their mobile ads.

Key benefits of this upgrade include:

  • Carrier Targeting to Filter Out WiFi - Enables you to confidently buy traffic from a more comprehensive and specific list of telecommunication carriers in both domestic and international markets, while filtering out WiFi (if desired).

  • Carrier Targeting Optimization - Gives you the ability to optimize traffic sources based on campaign performance across carriers. This is also great for those advertisers who have mobile content offers specific to a carrier.

  • Carrier Targeting Reporting - Review in-depth insights and data for campaign performance across carriers.

  • Improved Geo-IP Targeting - Enjoy greater accuracy and breadth of data for geo-IP filtering. Target campaigns that have geo KPI targets with greater confidence.

  • Geo-IP Optimization - Gives you the ability to optimize traffic sources (white/black list) based on performance across geographic locations.

  • Geo-IP Reporting - Check your reports on performance by country.

The Partnership between Go2mobi and NetAcuity Edge™ empowers our brands and advertisers to better detect and target mobile carriers and locations across the globe. NetAcuity Edge™ boasts having “the most granular and accurate geotargeting coverage while maintaining user anonymity and compliance with the highest standards of end-user privacy”. Go2mobi joins Digital Element’s impressive portfolio clients, including: Microsoft, Weborama, Vibrant Media, MediaMath, Crimtan, Infectious Media, Webtrekk, eXelate, Mashero, InSkin Media AOL’s ADTECH, APSIS, and Yahoo’s BlueLithium.

With that, please login and give this enhanced geo-IP and carrier targeting a try on your campaigns today. Get access to all of our other targeting core features, accompanied by our friendly customer support and granular reporting!