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Introducing Mobile Retargeting With Go2mobi!

Written by Grant Storry - 2 min read

The average app loses more than 75% of its users after day one of installation, according to Applause. Retargeting is the ability to take segmented audiences who have engaged with your app and send them relevant messaging to complete an action core to your app’s conversion funnel. These post-install actions are generally grouped into four types of campaigns: activation campaigns, conversion campaigns, retention campaigns, and cross-promotion campaigns. You may have the following objectives across these campaign types:

  • Activation Campaigns Target users who recently installed your app to complete signup, boost registration, or first-time purchase rates

  • Conversion Campaigns Target active users to increase conversion rates, purchase frequency, or average order value

  • Retention Campaigns Target lapsed/dormant users to bring back users who abandoned your funnel or who have gone dormant

  • Cross-promote Target high value customers with your new offers & apps

With Go2mobi, your messaging is retargeted on over 50,000 high-performing mobile publishers and is only shown when we see a user identifier specified by you. Retargeting with Go2mobi is great for mobile marketing, especially if your audience has not yet given you their email address or permission to send notifications. It can be also used in conjunction with your email remarketing efforts to bolster conversions across your campaign!

You spend a lot of time and resources driving user acquisition. Retargeting allows you to improve the lifetime value (LTV) of your users through systematically increasing both retention times and their profit-driving conversions. This ultimately reduces your customer acquisition costs (CAC); allowing you to spend more, grow larger, and generate more business throughout your customer’s lifecycle.

While Go2mobi has always offered retargeting to app users whose installs originated on the Go2mobi platform, today’s announcement includes the expanded functionality to upload external DeviceID lists through either our self serve DSP, or through our API. This opens up the world to our advertisers; allowing you to segment users using your current mobile measurement partner (TUNE, Kochava, AppFlyer, etc), export lists, upload DeviceIDs to Go2mobi, and target across our amazing traffic partners. You get access to all the features you’ve come to love with Go2mobi: granular reporting, optimization of your retargeting campaigns, and our amazing customer support!