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Go2mobi’s World-Leading DSP Expands Integration with Google AdX, Increasing Native and Display Inventory

Written by Meghan Casault - 2 min read

Go2mobi is expanding its integration with Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX), one of the world’s premier mobile traffic sources. Go2mobi continually evaluates its self-serve mobile advertising platform and regularly adds and expands strategic partnerships with ad exchanges, 3rd party data providers, and other industry players to provide quality traffic at scale. In addition to AdX, a few notable exchanges integrated with the platform are SpotX, Smaato, MoPub, Rubicon, and OpenX.

The partnership has provided all of Go2mobi’s customers with access to AdX’s high-quality, high-performing display traffic from around the globe. With the expanded integration comes increased availability of native inventory, one of the hottest traffic types in mobile advertising. Due to its highly engaging format, mobile native ads are expected to see double digit growth for the foreseeable future.

“We are excited to broaden our partnership with the world’s largest ad exchange,” says Tom Desaulniers, president and co-founder of Go2mobi. “This improved integration expands the options available to our customers, making Go2mobi a one-stop shop for all the traffic they’re looking for.”

Go2mobi’s dedicated account managers are available to support customers who are interested in the opportunities available with AdX traffic. As Go2mobi’s DSP has no platform access fee, any advertiser can sign up for an account and explore the many features and tools available. Advertisers get to experience the industry’s deepest level of reporting (on up to three parameters), and they have access to extremely granular optimization, such as micro-bidding on deep traffic pockets. Through this expanded integration, Go2mobi customers will be able to find the traffic that is most profitable, thereby maximizing campaign efficiencies and ROI.

Advertisers interested in testing an AdX campaign can sign up now and quickly gain access to Go2mobi’s entire platform. Billions of impressions are available every day, offering a world of opportunities to media buyers, affiliates and brands.